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Guitar, flute

Steve Bartek is a Los Angeles-based musician, orchestrator and composer.

Originally playing flute and writing songs with The Strawberry Alarm Clock as a teenager, Steve went on to play lead guitar with Oingo Boingo.

As an orchestrator, he has worked on over a hundred films, television and concert pieces for Danny Elfman. 

As a composer of his own, Steve has scored several films and television shows.

Steve currently plays guitar and flute with jackiO, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, and Oingo Boingo Former Members. 

Recent studio contributions include featured guitar on two of Devo's Gerald Casale’s most recent record releases, "The Invisible Man" and "I'm Gonna Pay U Back".

He has conducted orchestra for Danny Elfman’s live show, "From Boingo To Batman to Big Mess and Beyond!".

Steve is currently working with Ira Ingber on an upcoming musical project, BarIng All, to be released in 2023.

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